Solar Energy

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We work with the latest technology and leading brands in the field of renewable energy such as Longi Solar, LG, Baetulenn among others.

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Photovoltaic solar systems

Photovoltaic solar energy captures solar radiation through photovoltaic panels, which are generally composed of silicon photovoltaic cells. This radiation is transformed into electrical energy in direct current and through the inverter is converted into alternating current ready for consumption either on a small or large scale.
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Solar thermal systems

Solar thermal energy is used to generate domestic hot water or to heat a house. Its operation is very simple and is based on heating water by means of solar radiation that is collected in solar collectors. This solar energy is transformed into heat that is stored in a solar storage tank for DHW.
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Aerothermal systems

Aerothermal systems are based on the principle of operation of heat pumps used to heat DHW and to provide the climate (hot or cold) of the dwelling by means of water and the final emitting elements (radiant floor heating, fan coils or low-temperature radiators).
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Electric car charging systems

Electric car chargers are devices necessary to recharge the battery of the electric vehicle. The electric car charger influences several aspects, for example, how long it takes to charge a particular electric car. The charger, whether a wallbox or a reinforced household outlet, must be connected to an electrical panel to receive electricity and have a number of safety features.